How does Arizona law define wages?

Wages are defined as non-discretionary compensation that an employee has a reasonable expectation of being paid.

How long does an employer have to pay an employee wages due under Arizona law?

If you are actively employed, your employer must pay you at least twice a month, with no longer than 16 days in between each paycheck. Employees who are terminated must receive their final paycheck within seven working days or by the next scheduled payday, whichever is sooner. If an employee quits, Arizona employers are permitted to issue a final paycheck on the next scheduled payday.

What can I do if an employer has not paid me on time or has not paid me at all?

In most circumstances, an employer cannot withhold wages from an employee. If you believe your wages have been unlawfully withheld, you can pursue a claim for unpaid wages by filing a civil lawsuit against your employer or a wage complaint with the Industrial Commission of Arizona.

Is there a minimum wage requirement in Arizona?

A: Arizona has a minimum wage statute that sets the minimum wage higher than what is required by federal law, and employees in Arizona must be paid the higher minimum wage set by Arizona law. In 2023, the minimum wage in Arizona is $13.85.