How do I apply for UI?

Visit to apply online.

What documents do I need when I apply?


– Your Social Security Number

– Your mailing address, county of residence

– Your Drivers License or state-issued ID number

– Employment history:

a) The names, addresses, and phone numbers of all employers for the last 18 months, including the correct mailing address and telephone number for the most recent employer

b) The last day worked immediately prior to filing the UI claim

c) Amount (before deductions) and date of any payment for severance, vacation, holiday, or unused sick pay

d) The name and local number of your union hall, if applicable

e) Alien Registration Number, if applicable

f) Copy # 4 of DD Form 214 if released from the military in the last 18 months

g) SF 8 or SF 50 if employed in Federal Civilian service in the last 18 months

h) Start date and monthly benefit amount of any pension (other than Social Security)


What happens after I apply?

An adjudicator will contact you and your former employer and, after listening to both sides of the separation situation and reviewing any documents submitted, will make a decision.

– you are denied; you have 15 days from the date of the determination to appeal. If you appeal late, you will have a hearing about the untimely appeal, and if you do not win that hearing, your case cannot be heard by the judge.

– If you are approved for benefits, your former employer can appeal, and you will have a hearing.

Once you appeal or your former employer appeals, you will receive hearing packets. Each packet is a separate hearing; each one has a different issue that will be addressed.

If you were terminated, your former employer has the burden of proof and will present evidence and testimony first. If you quit, you will go first and have the burden of proof.

What happens at the hearing?

Unemployment Insurance hearings are administrative hearings. This means that they are a bit less formal than courtroom hearings, but it is important to be respectful to the judge. Also, you should be prepared for the hearing. Be able to answer questions about your case. If you have documents to submit, make sure you send them to the opposing party and the judge (DES).

If I lose the hearing, can I appeal?

Yes, you can appeal, but the written appeal is based on what was said at your hearing-so make sure you say what you need to at the hearing. You only get one hearing. If you are approved for UI, please make sure you file your weekly claims to be paid if you file the weekly claims.